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Our menu has been created to represent a true tapas experience, all plates are tapas size and made for sharing, featuring classics such as chorizo al vino, fabada Asturiana, Berenjenas Fritas & Iberian grilled meats.

In addition to the a la carte menu we also offer a bar menu that you can enjoy in a more relaxed manner sat in our cosy bar whilst enjoying a cocktail or two!

Our menu is developing all the time but please see a sample menu below.

photo bull.jpg

For The Table

Marcona Almonds £5 

House Marinated Olives £5

Basket of Bread £5 

Pan con Tomate £6 

Dates in Bacon £7

Baked Camembert £12

Caprese Salad £10

Meat & Fish Tapas

Iberian Pork Ribs £14

Secreto Iberico £19 

Oxtail Muffin £12

Chorizo al Vino £8

Albondigas en Tomate £8

Crab Ramekin £12

Butterfly King Prawns £12

photo tortilla.jpg
photo bar.jpg

Classic Tapas 

Croquetas de Jamon £9.50

Croquetas de Porcini £9.50

Patatas Bravas £8

Tortilla Espanola £6

Fabada Asturiana £10

Lentejas £8

Berenjenas Fritas £8

Baked Mushrooms £6

Creamed Spinach & Mushrooms £6

Padron Peppers 

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